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Sean David Grant - Wonder Years

Sean David Grant was born outside of Chicago, hails from South Florida, and currently resides in Atlanta. His heart has been impacted by the ‘personality’ of each of these cities. Sean’s music is sure to leave the listener challenged yet pleased as it embodies prophetic tones and exudes lyrical prowess. Sean’s artistry is sure to soon be revered in the hip hop industry.   Sean is the CEO of the second largest Christian Hip Hop outlet, TRACKSTARZ, and has been featured several times on the #1 CHH outlet, Rapzilla.  Eshon Burgundy, who has achieved over 1 million streams of his recent album on Spotify, is featured on Sean’s hit single Good Enough.  He has production from some heavy hitters in hip who have produced for the likes of Lecrae, Nicki Minaj, T.I., Chris Brown and others.


Wonder Years will bring you alongside Sean as he goes back in time. Each song will open a door, revealing different parts of the child, the wanderer, the artist, the man, the lover, the dreamer and the worshiper that is Sean David Grant. You are sure to connect with this work of art if you have ever doubted, dreamed or wondered about the mundane and complex aspects of life. This compilation is sure to illuminate the many facets of Sean as an MC, in a way that none of his previous works have done before. Prepare yourself to encounter the fire lined within each bar, the warmth beneath each beat and the nostalgia laced throughout the entire album.