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Sean David Grant


This song was truly a group effort.  Almost everyone on the FMG team touched it at some point.  Allei initiated the process last year when he sent the group the beat and got everyone to fall in love with it.  Christy Love connected with it immediately and began crafting the King concept around it.  When I heard what she wrote to it, I knew it was going to be a instant hit.  After Sincere and Jeremaya contributed great verses to it and Miles Austin worked with Christy on the live show, we had a winner.

Earlier this year I sat down with Christy and started working on a concept for the video.  We originally had a lavish story video planned where you would see a young girl walking into an open mic or audition of some sort.  Then you would see her struggle with the decision to sign up as she doubted herself.  Then you would see her finally go up and find the courage to be herself.  Then, at the end of the video, there would be a big reveal showing that the girl is really Christy Love now all grown up and “doing her for the King” as a member of FMG.  We tossed that around for a while and realized that it would be a very difficult video for us to pull of at this stage in our development, so we opted for a more subtle storyline.  If you noticed, the cutaway scenes in the video tell a story.  At the beginning you see an audience that doesnt look very excited to hear us perform.  Gradually throughout the video you start to see them slowly warm up to us and by the end of the video, they have fully embraced what we do.  This was done to symbolize the lyrics of King but also to show our real life struggle with our music so far.   We honestly feel like we exist between two worlds.  We dont feel like we get a ton of love from the Christian community because we dont really make music and say things the way alot of other artists do in our genre; but, we dont get alot of love outside of the church either because we come off a little too Christian for them.  I think the song and the video illustrate that battle and our resolve to honor the King the best way we know how.

I had a great time shooting and editing this video.  I hope you like it and will help us spread it around the world to encourage others to live out their passion for Jesus in their own unique way.  Thanks!


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